Unclaimed Funds

Every year, all states require insurers to make a list of uncashed checks. Each uncashed check is assigned a Property Type and a Dormancy Period based on each state’s regulations.

At the end of the dormancy period, letters are mailed to addresses on file with our company.

Checks less than a certain dollar amount may not receive a letter based on each state’s unique requirements.

For certain property types, New York state has an additional requirement to publish names and addresses in local newspapers.

Regardless of your current state of residence, if you receive a letter from our Abandoned Property vendor, Marketsphere (based in Georgia and sending some mailings from Overland Park, Kansas), please follow the directions and return the letter for processing via US Mail, email, or fax information provided on the letter.

At the end of each Abandoned Property processing cycle, checks that are still unclaimed are sent to each state’s Comptroller’s Office. Please be sure to search state comptroller websites periodically each year to see if any funds are being held on your behalf.


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